Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Creates Extension of Discover the Ride

Age of Discovery

The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) earlier announced Next Steps, an extension of the company’s Discover the Ride program, which serves the entire motorsports community by breaking down the industry’s high barriers to entry.

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Following Discover the Ride’s successful implementation into the 2018/2019 IMS tour, which introduced over 2,000 potential riders to the experience of motorcycling for the first time, Next Steps represents an evolution of the program by helping new riders get trained as part of their ride to be formally licensed. (Photo by Manny Pandya)
The IMS Next Steps program has been made possible in alliance with the Academy of Motorcycle Operation (AMO) – an organization that provides quality motorcyclist training in a safe, positive learning environment – in which AMO will offer an IMS-sponsored course October 19th and 20th at AMO’s Altadena, California location. The sponsored course, which will use the CHP Motorcyclist Training Course, is open to all attendees of the 2018 IMS Long Beach show who participated in Discover the Ride’s New Rider Course. IMS’ sponsorship includes full course compensation for four course participants as well as five discounted course tickets. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided by IMS throughout the two-day course for all students and instructors. 
progressive ims
Welcome to the future. (Photo by Manny Pandya)

progressive ims
“We’re thrilled to team up with IMS to support the growth of the motorcycle industry,” said Charlie Fernandez, General Manager of AMO. “We always put safety first, and we also believe it’s important to learn to ride in a positive, supportive environment that’s a blast! We look forward to welcoming those who have participated in IMS’ Discover the Ride program, taking their experience from the course to the open road.” (Photo by Manny Pandya

In addition to contributing to the evolution of the Discover the Ride program, Next Steps represents a significant development for IMS in its progression as a brand. As the nation’s largest consumer motorcycle tour, IMS has served as an industry-focused organization for the past 38 years. In light of the significant losses the motorcycle industry has seen in recent years as millennials and Gen X’ers have not entered the market at the same rate as baby boomers are aging out, IMS has taken actions to help inspire new riders through creating easily approachable programs. Next Steps showcases how IMS is evolving to better support the growth of the industry by getting new riders on two wheels beyond their experience at IMS shows. As Discover the Ride helps riders identify that they want to ride, Next Steps takes the extra step of breaking down more barriers to entry by getting new riders formally licensed.
Following the receiving of their motorcycle license, new riders can familiarize themselves with the world of motorcycling through, an online platform within Discover The Ride dedicated to the continued education of the new generation of riders.