Arch Method 143

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Production Concept Performance Cruiser

Arch Motorcycle plans to make only 23 units of its Method 143 performance cruiser. Each 143 c.i. (2343cc) Arch Method 143 will be unique unto its owner.

Arch Motorcycle Limited-Run Method 143

Arch says that the creation of the “production concept” Method 143 motorcycle was led by the design idea of layers and materials, carbon fiber, aluminum and fine leather.

Arch Motorcycle Limited-Run Method 143

Arch Motorcycle Limited-Run Method 143

Here’s how Arch describes it:

Layers that slide under or cover one another, intersect without interrupting the full intention of the master shape or continuity. Founded in an ultra-light carbon-fiber mono-cell chassis, providing fuel storage, air filtration and strength, never before used in an American production motorcycle.

The Method 143 has a MotoGP-inspired titanium/carbon-fiber/billet-aluminum exhaust system and proprietary Arch/BST carbon-fiber seven-spoke wheels.

Arch Method 143

Arch Motorcycle Limited-Run Method 143


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ABOUT Arch Motorcycle Company®

Arch Motorcycle was founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger in 2011 with the idea of redefining the American performance cruiser. Every Arch Motorcycle is a bespoke production motorcycle. Each model is hand-assembled by a single dedicated technician who takes the machine from bare frame to finished motorcycle. In addition to the hundreds of parts manufactured in-house, Arch Motorcycle also work in partnership with carefully selected brands to create proprietary parts purely for Arch. These include Arch / Ohlins suspension, Arch / S&S V-Twin performance engines, ABS systems, wheels, exhausts and much more.