Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

Unlocking Audio

Kicker has two new auto-tuning smart amps, the Key 200.4 and the Key 500.1, that have the capability to automatically repair inferior factory or aftermarket audio.

Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

The Key 200.4 Smart 4-Channel Amp/Processor and the Key 500.1 Smart Mono Amp/Bass Revealer use AI-driven DSP (digital signal processing) to dramatically improve audio.

Kicker Key 200.4

Built to improve the performance of door speakers and tweeters, the start/stop-compatible Key 200.4 four-channel amplifier comes with a microphone and integrated push-button remote.

Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

The remote is designed to start the automatic tuning and calibration process once amplifier installation is complete. A simple press of the selector (attached to the microphone) sets the KEY’s test tones and proprietary algorithms in motion.

The system detects each speakers’ size, applies a 24dB crossover and 40 channels of equalization, applies time alignment, and customizes the gain levels of each channel independently. The true potential of the vehicle’s full-range system is revealed in a matter of seconds, delivering dramatic improvements in realism and soundstage without the need for expensive external processors or professional tuning.

Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

Kicker Key 500.1

The Key 500.1 is a 500-watt subwoofer amplifier, built in the same compact footprint as its four-channel cousin but focusing on a single bass channel.

Kicker Auto-Tuning Key Smart Amplifiers

Using Kicker’s supplied test tones (downloadable from the company website), the Key sub amp automatically analyzes the audio being fed directly into the amplifier. Once analyzed, the Key 500.1 automatically repairs peaks in that signal while revealing the low bass that is typically missing in mediocre systems. In a matter of moments, it reveals a clean, even bass response at all volume levels.

The Key 500.1 comes with 24dB sub-sonic and low-pass crossovers, bass boost and gain controls, and matches perfectly with any Kicker subwoofer or loaded sub enclosure that’s 12 inches or smaller.

Both the 200.4 and the Key 500.1 can work with modern factory or aftermarket audio systems. They have a suggested MSRP of $249.95 each and are now available for purchase online and in stores.

Here is a video Kicker released a few years ago when it introduced its Key technology:

Kicker Key Smart Amplifier (2018)


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