New Racing Website For King Engine Bearings

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New Features for Racers

The new site contains technical info, articles, special geometric features and more.

King Engine Bearings, manufacturer of high-performance engine bearings, is launching its new racing website featuring an overhauled design and attributes. The new website,, contains technical information on King race bearing materials, special geometric features, technical articles and more.

King says the new site is mobile friendly, modern and gives users quicker and better access to information on the company’s latest racing solutions and developments at the moment they are introduced. It also enables extensive coverage, via the Blog section, on the various activities that King and its partners and ambassadors engage in throughout the year. Race engine builders, engine enthusiasts, performance parts dealers, racers and fans will find the site easy to use, relatable and approachable with an optimal user experience regardless of the device being used.

New Racing Website For King Engine Bearings

The site offers unique new features including a platform breakdown for easy location of your favorite racing category; a “Choose your bearing” section for quicker part number identification; extensive technical data on all the new products, such as King’s pMaxKote polymer coated, GPC and TFC bearings, and even dedicated pages for various applications, whether for U.S., Japanese or European makes. The new website also is social media-friendly and allows sharing items on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“We are excited to launch this new website for the racing community and feel that it reflects our affinity and profound understanding of high-performance engines in a variety of platforms. It is engaging, versatile, and offers better flow of information for anyone using it,” said Meytal Snir Gal, King’s vice president of marketing. “It’s an opportunity for King, celebrating our 60th anniversary, to better project our continuing efforts for innovation and excellence as the engine bearing specialists.”

New Racing Website For King Engine Bearings

The new website launch coincides with a recent and important upgrade to King’s online catalog ( Its substantial improvements include becoming responsive for all platforms.

The following video presents an overview of King Engine Bearings’ racing line:

Video | King Engine Bearings Racing line


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