Action RV: Some Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Hitch Adapters are Bad News!

Loosey Goosey

About 20 years ago the fifth wheel to gooseneck tow hitch adapter was invented. The purpose was to allow an RV owner with a 2 5/16-inch gooseneck hitch ball in the bed of his truck to be able to tow a conventional fifth wheel with a 2-inch king pin without needing to buy an additional hitch. Twenty years ago it made sense because fifth wheel RV’s weren’t very big or heavy. Times have changed, though, and fifth wheels now can be HUGE and VERY HEAVY. Now, using the wrong adapter on one can cause catastrophic disaster.

As you can see in this video, the damage can remain hidden, even as it is happening. If you have a heavy fifth wheel and are using the pipe style adapter, remove it now and get a better adapter! For more RV info, see the Action RV website.