Sparta to Supply Brakes for Police Ford Explorers

Spartan Conditions

Sparta Evolution is pleased to announce their recent acceptance into the AMECA (Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc.) Police Compliance program.

Police departments and other municipalities have stringent requirements in place to ensure that these types of vehicles are safe and reliable and require minimal maintenance. Thorough independent testing must be conducted to ensure the quality of the products meet their criteria and can provide consistent and repeatable quality and performance. In fact, the Michigan State Police and other municipalities have particularly stringent requirements that go well beyond the typical SAE criteria. Sparta products were validated and earned their Declaration of Compliance from Link Engineering in Dearborn, Mich. whom developed this test.

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Sparta brakes is a global entity with various tier one and tier two companies in its DNA, which contributes to the Sparta engineering advancements and quality first attitude. With brake products ranging from street and performance rotor and pad kits, to full blown oversized brake kits with two-piece floating rotors and multi-piston calipers for track days and for competition, Sparta Brakes is poised to be the next big name in high performance brake systems.

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