How to Use Mothers Polish CMX Ceramic Spray Coating

Spray n’ Play

Using CMX Ceramic Coating from Mothers Polish isn’t rocket science but understanding how to get the most out of it can make a difference. Simply mist CMX Ceramic Spray Coating onto a soft microfiber towel or suitable applicator, and spread evenly and thoroughly over a wet or dry surface. You’ll notice that it will actually start to disappear. Allow a few minutes for the coating to bond.

With a separate, clean microfiber towel, thoroughly buff the surface until perfectly clean and clear. Change to a clean, dry towel if it becomes saturated. For small touch-ups or missed areas, repeat process. For increased depth, durability and protection, additional layers (also known as stacking) can be applied. But it is best to allow 24 hours of cure time between coats for optimal bonding. We recommend laundering your towels and applicators immediately to keep CMX Ceramic Spray Coating from drying and subsequently bonding to your towel. It’s also a good idea to differentiate your towels, keeping them to specific uses and relegating them to non-paint related duties as they become too worn. Caring for your vehicle has never been easier.


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Mothers began as a family-owned company in that created products for its demanding Southern California customers that customized their vehicles with loving artistry and serious devotion. The company has stuck to their original mission of making products that would satisfy the most demanding of customers, and today offers over five dozen separate products that clean, beautify, and protect every type of automotive surface inside and out.