Life with a Nissan Leaf

Gaming the System

It takes only a few minutes of chatting to Lisy Kane to know her deep love of video games and her ambition to be a game changer in her industry.

“I’ve always loved technology,” says Kane, a senior video game producer in Melbourne, Australia. “Always been the first to try things, the first to get a PlayStation®. And I was always gaming – from when I was 5 or 6 years old.”

Game production is her dream job, but as she embarked upon her career she quickly realized women account for only about 20% of those working in the industry.

“If we’re going to be making games to get everyone to play them, we do need diverse people to make them,” Kane says.


Ranked among the world’s best in her field, Kane has never fit the stereotype of the nerdy male gamer. The cliché has long bothered her, so she co-founded Girl Geek Academy, where skilled female game professionals hold various coding programs or hackathons to get young girls involved in gaming.

Kane also believes tech has a major role to play in terms of sustainability, and this has been another big focus of Girl Geek Academy. When it came time for Kane to buy a new car, she was keen to explore leading-edge technologies and soon found herself looking at electric cars – particularly the Nissan Leaf.


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