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Dollar for dollar E3 Lithium batteries are among the lightest, most powerful, most economical batteries on the market today. E3.402 boasts 340 Pulse Cranking Amps with a capacity of 6.2 amp hours and weighs in at a mere 2.2 pounds. But the benefits don’t stop there.

e3 lithium batteries

The E3 LiFePO4 Battery shown here is 80% lighter than traditional batteries. It has a claimed lifespan triple that of traditional batteries while also charging faster than they do and delivering quicker starts. With a IP 66 Environmental Rating, this batter is also pressure washer friendly. Moreover, centered terminals allow mounting in any position and E3 says they’re more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries. Each also has a five year warranty.

All E3 Lithium Batteries also feature a built-in Battery Management System. This system offers the attributes to ensure years of trouble-free power delivery from your E3 Lithium Battery.

Brass terminal adapters are included with every E3.402 battery purchase.


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The spark plug is a critical device that supplies the spark (or flame kernel) for your car, truck, motorcycle or small engine. However, the basic plug design really hasn’t changed that much since the original ones used by Henry Ford back in 1904. Our company was formed to find a better design that would provide E3 customers with performance advantages such as increased power, improved fuel efficiency and a reduction in hazardous engine emissions that can contribute to global warming.
Today, E3 remains dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount of unburned fuel.