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Hot Shot’s Secret is proud to announce a donation of $6,000 to Battle Scarred Motorsports. The funds will be used to convert donated police cars into hand-controlled race cars that can be used by veterans and first responders that no longer have full use of their legs.

hot shots battle scarred motorsports
Battle Scarred Motorsports racers and supporters (photo credit: Matt Ryce)

Battle Scarred Motorsports, formerly USMC Racing, is an organization whose mission is to make an impact in the lives of service members and first responders both past and present, on the track turning laps or on the crew helping in the pits.

In addition to this donation, Hot Shot’s Secret also provides all of the oils, fuel, and oil additives for the entire Battle Scarred Motorsports race team and for their diesels that tow the race cars.

When Kyle Fischer, Lubrication Specialties director of branding and promotions learned that the team had acquired some newly donated cars from a police department, and one of the vehicle’s was being converted into a hand control car for veterans or first responders who have lost use of their legs he felt this was a cause that the company would fully support.

Fischer says, “This gives our heroes who have given so much in service an opportunity to have the same “adrenaline therapy” that everyone else experiences. It takes a lot to convert these donated cars into functional race cars – they must be gutted, then have roll cages added and other safety equipment. And for the hand control car being built, it requires a lot of extra stuff including “cool suits” which are racing shirts that circulate cold air/water to keep the driver cool, since they race in long hot endurance races. We are very excited to help.”

Battle Scarred Motorsports Founder and CEO, Brian Czech says, “Our military and first responder communities share a unique bond of brother and sisterhood. The opportunity to provide all of our heroes with the thrill of racing will only help cement that bond on the racetrack. We are grateful to Hot Shot’s Secret for their ongoing support for Battle Scarred Motorsports. I can’t wait to see the first hand-controlled race car pass the checkered flag and have someone who only dreamed of the opportunity to race to be in the winners circle.”

For more information about Battle Scarred Motorsports, click here, or visit Facebook or YouTube.


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