Polaris: Cut the Binge Watching and Get Outside

Sir, Put Down the Mouse and Step Away from the Keyboard

Apparently, Polaris wants me to take a break from my steady diet of Doordash and binge watching The Mandalorian to actually get up, go outside and do a thing. Good lookin’ out, Polaris.

Ironically, you can practically hear the old MoviePhone voiceover guy saying that in your head when you read the caption.

They just announced a new initiative aimed at inspiring you and I to get offline and get back to the much healthier pursuit of playing outside. Not in a sandbox or a bouncy house, although that’s fine if you’re a small child and that’s your jam. I’m not one to pass judgment on our Toddler-Americans and how they spend their time.

All kidding and pop culture references aside, spending time outdoors reduces stress, speeds healing, and usually puts you in a better mood. So for National Get Outdoors Day on Saturday, June 12, Polaris invites consumers to take a pledge to become an OFFLINER.

Ever since Arbor Day became a thing we’ve opened a floodgate to everything getting a day in the sun with its own holiday. It’s sort of a participation trophy for existing. But seriously, you really should take a break from surfing websites that rhyme with “Cornstub” and get outside for National Get Outdoors Day, though. That neglected fern dying next to you isn’t the only thing that needs sunlight and fresh air. It also wouldn’t hurt for you to make a day of it and maybe even clip your toenails, Quarantine Boy.

National Get Outdoors Day takes place annually on the second Saturday of June. It encourages Americans to get active outdoors, whether that be in their own backyard or our nation’s parks, forests and wildlife refuges. Launching today and running through June 30, 2021, consumers are invited to take a pledge to become an OFFLINER by visiting the company website.

Those who participate in the OFFLINER pledge will be entered for a chance to win one of five Polaris Adventures experiences and other outdoor adventure gear. From an epic off-road excursion in a Polaris RZR to a scenic sunset cruise in a Slingshot, Polaris Adventures has 160 location across the U.S., making it a perfect option for those who want to try a new way to explore the outdoors.

Join the conversation using #THINKOUTSIDE and follow Polaris Inc. on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about National Get Outdoors Day and the #OFFLINER pledge, visit Polaris.com/ThinkOutside.


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