Bulldog Winch: Ratcheting Straps for Low Clearance Vehicles

They Just Want to be Held

Bulldog Winch makes some great stuff for your truck, especially in the towing department. Which is where these 8 foot ratcheting straps come in.

If you own a race or show car, you also understand the logistics of getting one to and from the track or a show. These particular straps are great for just those kinds of low-clearance vehicles. That’s because the short, fixed hook makes it easier to tie low clearance cargo in place.

bulldog winch

Furthermore, the shorter 8-foot length minimizes excess tie-offs as well. Bulldog Winch makes them from no-stretch high strength polyester webbing with gel coat for abrasion resistance.


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ABOUT Bulldog Winch Company®

Bulldog Winch Co LLC was founded in 2006 by Bob Horn.  Bob and the Bulldog Team are enthusiasts and love what they do.  They’re always trying to solve problems or create the next widget but deep down they love what they do.  We hope that shows up in the products we’re offering. We listen to our customers and end users and they give us the best ideas to improve our products or create a new one. We have a hard and fast strategy to make sure we have every part for every winch we make.  Period!!  Nothing worse than purchasing a product and not being able to get parts.  You should never have that problem at Bulldog Winch!