MagnaFlow: Chip Foose’s C10 Gets the xMOD

Goin’ with the Flow

MagnaFlow recently stopped by Foose Design in Huntington Beach, California to drop off a couple of their latest xMOD Modular Universal Performance Mufflers for their good friend, legendary builder Chip Foose. The two 2.5” inlet/outlet xMOD mufflers in question were for a particularly special build: Foose’s own 1967 Chevy C10 project truck. The rig was stripped down to the frame, which presented MagnaFlow with the perfect opportunity to install the new mufflers without even needing to use a lift.

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Foose’s Pick: Customized, Drone-Free NDT

One of the headlining features of the xMOD Modular Universal Performance Muffler is, of course, its modular nature. With three distinct sonic personalities available at the turn of a 15mm wrench, this uniquely awesome universal muffler provides our customers with unparalleled flexibility when it comes to creating their own tailpipe soundtrack. Foose was particularly excited about the NDT (No Drone Technology) Module—or, as he loves to call it, the “trombone”—due to its ability to eliminate the droning noises that can otherwise occur while cruising at highway speeds.

Overall, his favorite feature of the new modular mufflers is that instead of having to mess with pipe length and diameter to get a desired sound, one can simply tune the muffler itself using nothing more than the previously mentioned 15mm wrench. As MagnaFlow Spokesman Richard Waitas pointed out, this avoids customers being stuck with an exhaust sound that they find too loud or quiet, empowering them to easily change up the entire character of their vehicle’s exhaust.

Being a custom builder, Foose played around with each muffler kit until he found a solution he liked: using the NDT Module connected to a straight pipe instead of the u-shaped “trombone” pipe that comes with the kit. This allowed him to further distance the resonators from the floor of the cab, creating a cleaner look on this specific build. That’s part of what makes the new xMOD Universal Performance Muffler such an awesome piece of exhaust technology. Even though MagnaFlow includes plenty of pipe pieces with the kit itself, builders with an eye for custom solutions (like Chip Foose) can use whatever pipes (2.5” diameter in this case) make the most sense in a given build to get the sound they desire.


A Creative Muffler Built Perfect for Customizers

When MagnaFlow asked Foose what he loved about building custom cars, his answer was quite simple: “I just love projects. I want to make things, and I enjoy making things. And I like making things that have never been seen before.” Like us, he views cars as a medium of self-expression. “There are no rules or laws in hot-rodding,” which he uses as his guiding principle when making his customers’ visions into something real. Ultimately, he feels “lucky and blessed” to make a living making his customers’ dreams a reality. Read more MagnaFlow features here.


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