JEGS High Volume Inline Fuel Pump

Pump It Up

The JEGS inline fuel pumps are designed to meet your engine’s demands. The external mounting is ideal when using fuel cells, drop-sump style tanks, or when it is not practical to use an in-tank unit. Available for both automotive and marine applications.


Horse Power Rating at 3 Bar (43.5 psi) of Fuel Pressure:
• Up to 700 horsepower naturally-aspirated
• Up to 550 horsepower at 14.5 psi of boost
• Up to 505 horsepower at 29 psi of boost
• This pump is rated for electronically fuel-injected gasoline engines only
• This fuel pump requires the use of a 100-micron pre-filter
• Pump will require a fuel pressure regulator such as 555-159120
• Please use a fused circuit capable of conducting 25 amps
• For optimum performance please ensure the pump is running at 13.5 volts
• DO NOT reverse fuel pump polarity, doing so will damage the fuel pump
• (1) -6 AN O-ring to -8 AN adapter fitting
• (1) -10 AN O-ring to -8 AN adapter fitting
• (1) -6 AN Sealing Washer
• (2) -8 AN Straight Push-Lock Hose End
• (2) -8 AN 45 Degree Push Lock Hose End
• (2) 1/2 (.500) in. Straight Female Hose Barb Fitting
• (1) M6 x 1.0 3/8 (.375) in. Hex Nut
• (1) M5 x 0.8 5/16 (.313) in. Hex Nut
• (1) 14-18 Gauge Ring Terminal
• (1) 22-16 Gauge Ring Terminal


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