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File piston rings like a pro, scrape off gunky stuff like butter, and protect your hands from cuts and bruises with these new tools and shop gear from Summit Racing. You’ll thank them later.

Summit Racing Pro Ring Filers

summit racing pro piston filer

Proper piston ring gap is crucial to building horsepower, especially for race engines and engines with a power adder like a turbo or nitrous. Too much gap causes poor ring-to-cylinder wall sealing which can cost you compression. Not enough gap and the rings can over-expand due to the heat, which can damage cylinder bores and ring lands on the pistons.

The Summit Racing Pro Ring Filers will help you gap rings like a, well, a pro. Made in the USA, the filers make it easy to set consistent gaps for a complete set of rings, something that’s tough to do with a manual ring filer. A precision dial indicator lets you accurately set the desired gap in .001 inch increments—once you set up the tool and verify you have proper end gap on the first ring, just use that same setting to gap the rest.

The Summit Racing Pro Ring Filers have a deburr wheel to clean up the ground edge of your rings, plus a dressing tool to clean and square the three inch diameter grinding wheel. Your choice of filers with a 110V or 220V electric motor and one of 10 powdercoat colors.

Mueller Kueps Chisel Scrapers

chisel scrapers

Your average hardware-store chisel scraper isn’t designed to remove tough stuff like undercoating, or they can gouge finely machined surfaces like cylinder heads when removing gaskets. They don’t last all that long, either. These Mueller Kueps Chisel Scrapers aren’t cheap, but they’ll do the job for many years. They can be used as a pull or push tool and work great for removing gaskets, paint, and glue in hard-to-reach areas. The stainless steel blades go the full length of the handle and can be resharpened (try that with other chisel-scrapers). The handles also have a hammer-head end for when you need to use a persuader to remove stubborn gunk. Mueller Kueps Chisel Scrapers come in a set of four.

Steiner Industries IronFlex Ultimate Goatskin Work Gloves

You would think a company that makes gloves and protective gear for welding would make a really good work glove, and you’d be right. Steiner Industries IronFlex Ultimate Goatskin Work Gloves have a premium-grain goatskin leather palm that is soft and durable, and lets your hand flex to easily hold tools and other items. The gloves have textured anti-slip PVC fingertips, thumb saddle, and palm reinforcements to provide maximum grip and protection in those contact wear areas. Other features include:

• Breathable spandex back
• Neoprene knuckle guard protects knuckles and maintains glove fit
• Wing thumb for natural feel and movement
• Elastic cuff with hook and loop closure for secure fit and easy removal
• Available in men’s small, medium, large, extra-large, and 2X-large


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