DEI Stainless Steel Pipe Heat Shields

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DEI knows that burns and heat are no fun. That’s why their stainless steel heat shields protect you and your vehicle’s components from heat wherever you and your vehicle are having fun. Each of these shields is made from durable 304 stainless steel and preformed with a curved shape to fit most any size pipes. The two layers of 304 stainless steel encapsulate a high temperature insulation, allowing up to a 2000°F direct temperature rating. What’s more, the shields come in two sizes (4.5×8.5-inch and 6×12-inch).

dei stainless steel heat shield profile

Both sizes feature a stainless steel heat barrier on the outside, lined with an insulating inner layer. Beyond that, the shield’s welded seams bring increased strength and durability to the table. Meanwhile, the stainless steel stand offs create an air gap for more insulation.

Welded edges give the shield more strength and stainless steel standoffs create an insulating air gap.

The DEI heat shields have other advantages to boot. For starters, they’re extremely light, which means minimal effect to overall vehicle weight. They also block heat and protect components better than their OEM counterparts. The shields’ stainless steel straps make installation easy and finally, the shields are flexible which is a big help when shaping them around pipes.


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