Candela C-8: World’s Fastest Electric Speedboat will be Offered on Subscription

High Speed on the High Seas

The Swedish-built Candela C-8 flies across the water on computer-guided hydrofoils that lift the hull above the water friction. Cruising above the waves at speeds up to 30 knots, the C-8 is five times more efficient than conventional electric boats, which enables long all-electric range at high speeds. Other benefits are a dramatically smoother and silent ride, as well as 95% percent lower operational costs compared to combustion engine boats.

candela c 8 electric speedboat at sea

Since the introduction three months ago, Candela has received over 100 orders for the high-tech boat and are now sold out for the remainder of 2022.

However, boaters will soon be able to subscribe to the 290,000-euro C-8 through a partnership with premier boat sharing service Agapi. By incorporating the C-8 in Agapi’s fleet, Candela brings the electric hydrofoil experience to a larger crowd.

Agapi Boat Club offers a unique and world-leading subscription service that enables access to top performing premium boats across Scandinavia, the U.K, Mallorca, Menorca, Marbella and Crete.

Thanks to Candela’s hydrofoil technology that combines long all-electric range with high speed, the C-8 offers boaters an electric alternative without compromises. According to Agapi’s data amassed from its Club fleet, almost all of their members’ boat trips are well within the reach of the C-8’s 50-nautical mile range.

The Candela C-8 comes fully-equipped for the new sharing economy. Always connected to the cloud and continuously upgraded OTA, the boat’s software and app allow different users to access the boat’s features. And unlike traditional boats, that require the captain to constantly trim the engine, the C-8’s Flight controller will automatically adjust the hydrofoils to provide a smooth ride and easy user experience.

candela c 8 electric speedboat

The C-8 is also built for a no-maintenance boating experience, optimal for boat sharing. The Candela C-POD drive train is designed for 3 000 hours of service-free life. While most leisure boats are only used 30-50 hours per year, a shared-use craft might run hundreds of hours per week which requires frequent and costly overhauls of conventional ICE outboards.