MAHLE Motorsport: New LS3 Flat Top PowerPak Kit for Trans-Am and TA2 Road Racing

Hour of Power

Responding to requests for an LS piston kit designed specifically for Trans-Am and TA2 racing, MAHLE Motorsport is excited to announce a shelf stock LS3 Flat Top Homologation Gasported PowerPak kit available with three bore sizes. Incremental bore sizes are also available by special order. The kit comes complete with steel 1.0mm top, 1.0mm second and 2.0mm oil file fit performance ring set and heavy-duty tool steel wrist pins and race-proven round wire locks.

MAHLE MS LS3 Trans Am Set

Manufactured from 2618 alloy, this Trans-Am/TA2 racing piston kit is designed for extreme duty, power, and performance with added value to keep it cost effective for builders and race teams. Each piston is coated with a phosphate dry lubricant. Phosphate provides a wear resistant lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves to protect the pistons against galling and microwelding at startup or engine break-in. Designed with eight lateral gas ports, the pistons are also coated with MAHLE’s proprietary GRAFAL anti-friction skirt coating to reduce drag, scuffing, cylinder bore wear and piston noise.

Backed by over 100 years of performance experience and manufactured using MAHLE manufactured machinery that engineers the piston kit to exacting tolerances. This LS3 PowerPak kit is available in three displacement sizes: 376 cu. in. (part # 197739265), 377 (197739270) and 378 (197739275), all with a compression ratio of 10.7.


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