Belltech Ram 1500 Anti-Sway Bar Kits

Tension Relief

Belltech’s Ram 1500 anti-sway bars are designed to increase your truck’s steering responsiveness, which makes quick movements feel effortless and in-control. In addition to enhancing your vehicle’s performance, Belltech’s anti-sway bars are powder coated to give them a sleek, long-lasting look and reliable functionality.

belltech ram 1500 anti sway bars on truck

The sway bars are manufactured in the United States, in Clovis, CA, for your truck’s specific application. The newest sway bar sets offer two-hole adjustability so you can create the exact amount of tension based on your preferences. Using adjustable sway bars means having customizable control over the way your truck maneuvers. For example, if you plan to use your vehicle to pull heavy loads, it can be greatly beneficial to increase your truck’s stability and lower the chances of any unwanted body roll. If you are seeking out a sportier feel for your truck, these sway bars can achieve that as well. Each of these sway bar sets contain bars that are larger than their OEM counterparts which makes them strong and increases tension without sacrificing a smooth ride. The sets’ bars are paired with one solid 1.375-inch cold-formed steel bar in the front and one, 1-inch hollow steel bar in the rear. The hollow bar decreases tension in the back just enough to allow maximum contact patch between the tires and the road through turns, boosting traction and amplifying safety.

belltech ram anti sway bars
The 9935 adjustable anti-sway bar set was precisely designed to be used on your stock height or lowered, 2009-2018 Ram 1500, including the 2019-2021 classic body Ram 1500 truck. It easily replaces the OEM sway bar, which means installation is a breeze. The set also includes a high-quality hardware kit for each bar.
The 9936 adjustable anti-sway bar set was made to replace the OEM sway bar on your stock height or lowered 2019–2021 Ram 1500 truck. It’s simple, yet effective design makes for easy installation and a sleek look. The set also includes a high-quality hardware kit for each bar.
belltech ram anti sway bars
The 9938 adjustable anti-sway bar set was engineered to fit well on any 2019-2021 Ram 1500 with a 7-inch lift regardless of brand. This bar’s unique design eliminates the need for sway bar drop brackets which achieves less unwanted flex in the mounts. This set also boasts ease of installation and includes high grade mounting hardware.


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Belltech’s success in the late 1980’s and 1990’s made it possible for the company to grow from a modest beginning, to a larger manufacturing facility with a satellite warehouse and finally in 2015 to the current operation located in Clovis,