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Hunting Leaks: The Hole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Anyone with grease under their fingernails knows how hard it can be to pinpoint where a leak is coming from. Leaks can range from merely annoying to catastrophic failures. The sooner you can detect and repair them, the less harm they can do.

LeakFinder can help you with that. The heart of the LeakFinder system is a fluorescent dye that quickly locates leaks of all types and sizes, including intermittent and multiple leaks that would otherwise be missed. That saves you labor, money, and downtime. Summit Racing carries LeakFinder dyes, detection lights, and complete kits including these:

LeakFinder BIGEZ Universal A/C Leak Detection Kit

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Adding leak detection dye to A/C systems can be problematic due to all the different refrigerant types available. LeakFinder’s BIGEZ Universal A/C Leak Detection Kit uses a universal ester dye that’s safe for all refrigerant types, and has a caulking gun-style injector and R-134a hose coupler/purge fitting to inject the dye into the system quickly and easily. The cordless violet LED leak detection flashlight illuminates the site of the leak so you know where to make repairs to the system.

Universal Leak Detection Dyes

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LeakFinder’s Universal Dyes can be used to find fluid leaks all over the vehicle, including the power steering, automatic transmission, fuel, oil, coolant, and A/C systems. The dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect components or performance.

Leak Detection Lamps

LeakFinder Fluorescent Leak Detection Lamps let you scan for escaping fluorescent dye in the tightest and hardest to reach spaces. They are available in two styles: a slim blue LED flashlight or a shorter, compact violet LED flashlight. The blue LED flashlight has an inspection range of 6 feet. The violet LED flashlight works with all leak detection dyes and has an inspection range of 5 feet. Both lamps come with three AAA batteries, fluorescence-enhancing glasses, and lanyard.


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