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Milwaukee Tool’s PACKOUT Modular System makes it easy to take tools and shop gear with you just about anywhere you go. It has a big assortment of toolboxes, organizers, cases, and totes that are all designed to clip into and lock together effortlessly for easy hauling.

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But Milwaukee Tool didn’t stop there. They’ve created the PACKOUT Modular Storage System that will help you organize your shop or trailer. The system is based on mounting plates and racks that can be configured to maximize your storage space. The toolboxes, totes, organizers, and other components in the PACKOUT system securely lock into place on the plates and racks. Your shop will be so neat and tidy even your mom will be jealous.

PACKOUT Mounting Plates

milwaukee tool packout summit racing
Made from impact-resistant polymer, PACKOUT Mounting Plates have metal-reinforced mounting points to secure them to walls or floors. The plates have quick-alignment tabs so you can interconnect them in rows or columns to maximize your storage space. The large plate has a 150 pound weight capacity and the small plate is rated for 50 pounds.

PACKOUT Racking Kit

Made from the same material as the Mounting Plates, the PACKOUT Racking Kit has two shelves and two 20 inch lengths of E-Track that attach to the wall. The shelves have metal supports that fit into slots on the E-Tracks. The shelves can support up to 50 pounds each and have integral handles and tie-down points. You can also get the shelves and E-Tracks individually to customize your PACKOUT rack system.


milwaukee tool packout summit racing
This cabinet can be used as part of your PACKOUT mobile gear setup. When you’re back home, you can clip it to a PACKOUT mounting plate create a secure storage area. The PACKOUT Cabinet has a flip-up door for easy access and can hold up to 50 pounds of whatever you put in it.

The Milwaukee Tools PACKOUT Modular Storage System also includes these handy items to complete your storage empire. They all clip onto the PACKOUT Mounting Plates:

• Storage bins and mini shelves
• Tool stations and racks for cordless tools
• Hand tool and screwdriver racks
• Paint can and paper towel holders
• Curved hooks for electrical cords, air hose, stepladders, and other items


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