Lomac to Premiere the New Turismo 7.0 Boat

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The Milan-based yard, a world-leading builder of inflatable boats since 1960, confirms its attendance of the Genoa Boat Show and announces the arrival of the new Turismo 7.0.

lomac turismo at sea

Over the coming four years, Lomac will be working to redefine the entire Turismo range backed by expertise and investment in high-end research, development and design.

The first model to see the light is the new Turismo 7.0, one of the best-sellers in the Lomac range. “The aim is to become the new benchmark in the seven-meter segment and chart a new course for the Turismo range, with compact boats that have a modern and sophisticated design combined with extraordinary hull performance and high-end comfort and quality,” said Paolo Lo Manto, who heads the company with his cousin Fabrizio Lo Manto.

lomac turismo at sea

Designed for but not limited to family use, Turismo 7.0 features the heavy-duty look of a boat that can face any challenge on the water and promises to impress with its high-performance hull, which features a vertical stempost and is comfortable and dry in all weather and sea conditions. The deck of the new 7.0 follows the tradition of Mediterranean boats by providing forward and aft sun pads, the latter of which can be converted into a dinette with a central table and C-shaped seating for 6/8 guests on board.

The design plays on bold, muscular shapes with a military look, and features a high freeboard, so that guests feel safe in all sea conditions. The highly sophisticated pilot and co-pilot seats are sporty and stable, but also very useful when the boat is facing rough seas. So far as the colors are concerned, Turismo 7.0 will be available in two versions: one more Mediterranean featuring shades of white and grey, plus a more Nordic version in darker color tones.

lomac turismo at sea

At Genoa, alongside the new Turismo 7.0, the Yard will also be showcasing the best of its high-end GranTurismo and Adrenalina lines, starting with the new entry announced for the 2023 season: GranTurismo 10.5, which features a new high-performance hull with a deep-V running from bow to stern and two powerful Yamaha V6 engines rated 300 horsepower each. Also on show will be GranTurismo 8.5, equipped with two 200 hp Mercury outboards, GranTurismo 11.0, with two 300 hp Yamaha outboards, and GranTurismo 12.5, powered by three 300 hp Mercury outboards.