Suzuki Produces Outboard Motors with Micro-Plastic Collecting Devices

The Microknots

Suzuki Motor Corporation started production of 5 mid-size outboard motors with the world’s first Micro-Plastic Collecting Device as standard equipment in July. The product will be shipped worldwide, including to major markets such as North America and Europe.

suzuki marine outboard at sea

A huge amount of marine plastic waste that flow into the ocean has become a significant environmental issue in the recent years, and micro-plastics that are further crushed in the natural environment are concerned to have an impact on ecosystems. To tackle these issues, in October 2020 Suzuki announced the development of a Micro-Plastic Collecting Device which can be equipped to outboard motors. By installing this device to outboard motors, micro-plastics near the water surface can be collected simply by running the boat.

suzuki marine tech
Outboard motor with Micro-Plastic Collecting Device (left), and the Device (right)

After the announcement, monitoring surveys were conducted in 14 countries, including Japan, the United States and Europe, and improvements were made to the device. In July 2022, 5 models (DF140BG, DF115BG, DF140B, DF115B, and DF100C) started production with the device as standard equipment.

The installation of this device on outboard motors is one of the three activities of the SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, which is Suzuki’s commitment to address the marine plastics issue.


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