SPAL: New 30107328 16-inch Sealed, Brushless High Performance Fan


SPAL USA, a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket electric cooling fans since 1959, has added a new fan to their 16-inch, sealed, brushless (SBL) fan line. The 30107328 is a 16-inch flush mount fan that features a 500w brushless motor. It utilizes the same mounting footprint as SPAL 16-inch, VA18 and VA33 brushed fans. At ‘free air’ conditions, the 30107328 fan is rated at 2,433 CFM making it one of the higher performing fans available in the aftermarket sector. The fan will also work with SPAL plus sensors.

spal 16 inch fan

“Being that the 30107328 fits some existing SPAL 16” brushed fan model footprints, it will dramatically ease installation,” said Thom Balistrieri, director of aftermarket sales, SPAL USA. “The demand for higher performing, more efficient and durable electric fans continues to push the market forward. The addition of the SPAL 30107328, 500w SBL fan will deliver increased power, reliability, durability and optimal performance in all conditions.” added Balistrieri.

SPAL sealed brushless (SBL) products have experienced many years of field use providing extreme reliability, flexibility, durability, and performance under the most challenging environmental conditions in engine/oil cooling, electronics and battery cooling, HVAC, and other settings. When it comes to versatility, performance, and quality, SPAL is second to none.

spal 16 inch fan

All SPAL SBL fans feature motors sealed to IP6K9K standards (waterproof/dustproof and waterjet capable), integrated power and signal electronics, “soft start” technology (eliminates electrical in-rush spike), digital control for smooth and reliable operation, temperature sensor options for full variable speed control, reduced axial dimensions, low weight and high efficiency. SPAL SBL motors also feature patented “Sine Wave Technologies”, resulting in quieter and smoother running motors that, in turn, reduce NVH and “felt vibration” levels in electric vehicles. Additionally, the brushless motor design also reduces the number of wear components versus standard brushed technology to deliver extremely long-lasting life. All SPAL SBL motors are rated to operate in high temperature conditions, higher than typical DC motors on the market today.

To safeguard itself and prevent premature motor failure, SPAL SBL motors have a number of protective features to detect problematic situations. To avoid damage to the motor it provides automatic power de-rating in severe over-temperature operating conditions that allow the fan to run at lower speeds rather than cause permanent motor failure. It also checks for over- and under-voltage and locked rotor conditions to prevent catastrophic failures to the fan motor. SPAL SBL technology is specifically designed for applications where airflow performance, low power consumption, automatic speed control, long motor life, and high efficiency are key requirements.

spal 16 inch fan

Being a vertically integrated company, our product design, tooling, performance and validation testing, automated motor manufacturing, injection molding, robotic product assembly, electronic PCBs for brushless motors, and 100% on-line testing of all products are done entirely in-house. It guarantees the quality and performance level of every step in the design and manufacturing process to ensure the well-known “SPAL Quality Standard” that, for over fifty years, has distinguished SPAL products in the marketplace.


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