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Sounding the Charge

XS Power Lithium Batteries are an excellent alternative to standard lead-acid and even AGM type batteries. They offer twice the cold temperature performance and five times the life, have faster recharge times, and can be charged on a standard battery charger. XS Power Lithium Batteries also hold their charge—no need to keep one on a maintainer when in long-term storage.

Summit Racing carries two types of XS Power Lithium Batteries:

XV Series Lithium Batteries

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XV Series Lithium Batteries pack 1,335 amps of cranking power (Group 24 battery is rated at 750 amps), are extremely light—less than 8 pounds—and have superior vibration resistance. XV Lithium Batteries are available in nine BCI group sizes so we probably have one to fit your vehicle. Summit Racing also has a universal-fit XV Series Lithium Battery that measures a compact 7.79 inches long, 6.69 inches high, and 6.54 inches wide. It’s ideal for race cars and powersports vehicles with limited space.

RSV Titan8 Series Lithium Batteries

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If you’re looking for a major league powerhouse for serious mobile AV systems, off-roaders and powersports vehicles with enough lights to illuminate half the country, or a work truck loaded with power tools, the XS Power RSV Titan8 is it. Designed for peak capacity, the heart of the Titan8 battery are very high-power Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) cells designed to maximize capacity and deep cycling abilities.

Available in 12, 14, and 16 volt versions, the RSV Titan8 has built-in 2/0 bussing that can accommodate up to four positive and four negative direct connections without the need for any external exposed bussing. You also get two easily accessible top terminals and four series or parallel expansion terminals to easily build a bank of batteries in nearly any voltage configuration required. The RSV Titan8s are also very compact so a multi-battery install won’t take up a lot of valuable space in your vehicle.

The XS Power RSV Titan8 Battery has a built-in balancing system that can be upgraded to include Bluetooth connectivity for remote cell, internal temperature, and battery health monitoring from a smartphone or tablet.


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