Eastbay Heritage is Reborn with the EB60

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Welcome Back

It’s not surprising that the brand that pioneered the production Down East market with the introduction of the Eastbay 38 at the 1993 Miami International Boat Show, is putting the market on notice once again. The new Eastbay 60 is built by the GB Marine Group, the company behind legendary Grand Banks Yachts, and brings together the heritage, craftsmanship, and superior quality with the company’s patented, performance V-Warp hull technology.

eastbay 60 yacht running at sea

A Deep Legacy

First a little brand history: The 38 was designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates in conjunction with Grand Banks Yachts and was followed by the Eastbay 40 and then the 43 to offer a larger cockpit. In 1997, the company experienced an internal sales record when it took orders for 27 Eastbay 49 HXs at its Miami International Boat Show debut over Valentine’s Weekend.

eastbay 60 yacht

The high-speed momentum continued with subsequent models including a 39, 45, 46, 47, 50, 54, and 58, creating one of the company’s most successful brands in its history.

eastbay 60 yacht

Exciting Future

When pioneering boatbuilder and record-smashing world-class sailor Mark Richards took charge of the GB Marine Group as CEO in 2014, he and his team immediately went to work on developing the Eastbay 44 which became an instant classic. The boat also benefited from the incorporation of Richards’ preferred construction philosophy of lighter, stronger, and better, while retaining the traditional Hunt hull shape. The layout maximized the interior space and offered main-deck galley and galley-down layouts, and 2- and 3-stateroom plans.

eastbay 60 yacht

As customer demand was leading Richards to consider the largest Eastbay to date, it was decided that, in order to propel the Eastbay line to the next level as required by this size range, it would be required to fully incorporate the company’s advanced V-Warp® technology into the Eastbay line and transition the upcoming flagship to the new hull platform. The Eastbay 44 began the transition of the line adopting V-Warp technology, and now with the Eastbay 60 on the new platform the transition is complete. The three tenets of V-Warp technology are:

eastbay 60 yacht

1. Hull platform
2. Exotic materials
3. The build philosophy