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Changing your oil at home is a double edged sword. One of which saves you money by handling basic auto maintenance yourself. The other edge cuts the opposite direction, as oil bleeds all over the place if you’re not careful enough. Valvomax loves oil spills as much as you do, which is why they’ve hipped us to three quick tips for evening the odds when it comes to messy oil changes.

valvomax changing oil

1: Run Your Vehicle First

Warm oil drains faster than cold oil so if you run your vehicle for just a couple of minutes to warm up the oil, you’ll speed up the whole process on the drainage side. Valvomax’s oil drain bag and Flowvent Attachment and you also don’t have to worry about burning yourself with hot oil, as you’ll not be touching it.

valvomax changing oil

2: Funnels

This one is obvious to anyone who’s changed their own oil but if you’re new, get yourself a funnel. They, well, funnel oil into the tank, just like the name says. Valvomax has disposable ones if you don’t want to clean a funnel between changes.

valvomax changing oil

3: Oil Bags

If you’re not a fan of oil drain pans, consider a Valvomax drain valve and oil drain bag instead. The oil goes right from the valve, into a tube, and into the bag. And the bags are accepted at most auto parts stores, too.

Visit the Valvomax website for more ideas and to see the full line of their oil change products.


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Multiple tools, stripped oil drain bolts that ruin the oil pan, scalding hot oil, hard to clean oil spills on your driveway, and when you’ve finally changed your oil, you’ve wasted half the afternoon. That’s the old way of changing your oil and it was the worst. The ValvoMax Quick Twist Oil Drain Valve is here to fix that.