Clarion: New CMM-10 Compact Source Unit for Boats, UTVs

Salt & Sun Certified

Clarion Marine, a leader in marine-grade audio solutions, announced the CMM-10, a new addition to its growing line of feature-rich, marine-grade source units and wired remote controller options. Ideal for smaller vessels, personal watercraft and UTVs, the Clarion Marine CMM-10 is equipped with the right set of features to enjoy streaming media, terrestrial radio, and locally stored content on the water, and off the beaten path.


“Our team engineered the CMM-10 to provide customers a cost-effective source unit with Clarion’s full Salt-and-Sun Certified construction standards and the audio performance that Clarion is known for.” said John Zimmerman, Clarion Marine’s Product Line Manager, “The small form factor will be easy to install in even the smallest watercraft and side-by-sides, without compromising on amplification and connectivity options.”


Featuring a purpose-engineered and weatherproof (IP66 rated) chassis, the CMM-10 offers an excellent variety of connectivity features and system expandability options. A global AM/FM tuner is included as are multiple connections for personal devices, including Bluetooth streaming from smartphones and USB for playback from flash drives and portable SSDs. The USB port also serves double duty as a charging port for smartphones and other USB-chargeable accessories. The control panel features easy-to-push physical buttons, a large rotary volume knob and easy-to-read, high-brightness, 2.09-inch (53 mm) LCD display with dimmable illumination control for nighttime viewing.

Features of the CMM-10 include:

Small footprint – 4.33 in. x 2.48 in. x 3.15 in. (Unit) and 2.83 in. x 1.81 in. (Mounting Hole)
The built-in amplifier delivers up to 80 continuous watts of high-fidelity power to speakers in two stereo audio zones. (4 x 20 W RMS @4 ohms)
Two stereo pairs of preamp outputs, one pair for Zone 1 and another pair selectable for Zone 2, or subwoofer output functionality
Global, digital AM/FM tuner with RDS (Radio Data System) extended display info, where available
USB 2.0 input accepts a wide variety of audio formats (MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV) from your USB storage device, with 1A USB charging output
Weatherproof (IP66 rated) design and construction, Salt & Sun Certified


Utilizing UV-treated, durable, marine-rated materials, CMM-series source units, including the new CMM-10, are built to endure years of use in harsh marine environments. All models are Salt & Sun Certified and are thus built to exceed industry standards for salt-fog/UV exposure (ASTM B117/D4329) and shock/vibration resistance, ensuring excellent long-term durability.

The Clarion Marine CMM-10 (MSRP: $179.99) is available now at authorized Clarion Marine retailers. Find out more here.