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Are you looking for a better way to notch tubing, scrape away old adhesive from windshield channels, or pick up metal shavings and other small parts? These new products from Summit Racing can help solve your problems.

Summit Racing Tubing Notcher

summit racing equipment tubing notcher
If you’re fabbing a roll cage, bumpers, rock rails, or some other part made from pipes or tubing, then you’re going to need a way to make round cuts and/or angled notches. The Summit Racing Tubing Notcher is designed for use with 1/2-inch hand drill, and can create round or fishmouth holes in metal pipe and tubes from 3/4-inch to 3 inches in diameter. Other features include:

• Cuts angles up to 50 degrees in one-degree increments
• Accepts standard hole saws
• Hardened and ground spindle with needle bearing support for accuracy
• Can be mounted to either a bench top or in a standard vise

Lisle Auto Glass Pinch Weld Scraper Set

summit racing equipment  weld scraper
Prep the pinch weld channel for a new windshield or backlight with a Lisle Auto Glass Pinch Weld Scraper Set. The scrapers safely and easily remove the old adhesive from the vehicle’s pinch weld. Winged edges prevent damage and scratches while simultaneously leaving the correct thickness of adhesive for re-bonding.
summit racing equipment  weld scraper
Each scraper is nine inches long to give you more balance and leverage to scrape off the old adhesive. The set includes a 1 1/2-inch-wide straight scraper and 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-inch winged scrapers.

Evolution Magnetic Chip Collectors

summit racing equipment  magnetic collector
An Evolution Tools Magnetic Chip Collector lets you pick up metal shavings in your work area quickly and easily. Simply wave it over the shavings to pick them up, stroll over to your scrap barrel, then push the plunger to release the shavings. The magnets are powerful enough to pick up big piles of shavings and small metal parts like nuts and bolts.


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