RotopaX Utility Jugs from Summit Racing Equipment

Get Juggy with It

Designed for adventure-seekers who need durable fluid containers, RotopaX Utility Jugs and Mounts are your best choice for taking fuel and water on your outdoor adventures.

summit racing equipment utility jugs

Utility Jugs

RotopaX Utility Jugs are the only EPA-, ASTM-, and CARB-compliant containers available. They are made with a patented three-layer roto-molding process that, along with specially formulated plastic barrier material, meets the government’s extreme low-permeability requirements. A sure-seal gasket guarantees the included spout won’t leak or vibrate loose.

summit racing equipment utility jugs

Other features include:

• Thick walls for extreme durability and structural integrity
• Industry standard mounting bolt pattern
• Multiple carry/pour handles
• Water containers made with high-quality, BPA-free materials
• Fuel containers are CARB-certified under E.O. #G-11-044B
• Made in the USA
• 10-Year warranty

RotopaX Utility Jugs are available in 1- to 4.5-gallon capacities for gasoline, diesel fuel, and water.

Gen 2 Two-Gallon Utility Jugs

summit racing equipment utility jugs

RotopaX Gen 2 Utility Jugs have most of the same great features and dimensions of RotopaX’s original Utility Jugs except for the twisting bottom system. They are available in 2-gallon capacity for water and fuel containment only. Spout included.

Utility Jug Mounts

summit racing equipment utility jugs

Having the world’s best and most capable utility jugs on your next trip won’t do you any good without a sturdy way to mount them. That’s what RotopaX Utility Jug Mounts are for. Choose from standard, DLX, or locking LOX mounts that install to any flat surface or tire, bed rail, roll bar, and UTV mount designs.


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