Introducing the Redi Kit Roadie

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Redi, a trusted name in preparedness and convenience, announces the launch of the Roadie. The Roadie contains 113 essential items that are most often needed when on the go in a quick-access, water resistant, tear proof bag. It is the ultimate vehicle companion with first-aid, travel, and everyday essentials, meticulously organized into one comprehensive package. Ideal for daily commuting, a weekend road trip, or quality family time, the Roadie is meticulously crafted to ensure readiness.


The Roadie is a versatile and practical kit that fits seamlessly into daily life and all vehicles. Equipped with a wide range of first aid and skin treatment items that can handle everything from dressing and treating a wound to covering up a painful blister. It also includes a removable on-the-go essentials bag with 14 everyday must-have items, including a stain remover pen, wet wipes, and a lint roller, that can be easily stored in the glove box or center console.

The Roadie includes three types of mounting hardware that adhere to different surfaces and components of a car, for quick everyday access and secure storage. From Oxybenzone and Octinoxate free sunscreen to stainless steel tweezers, Redi is committed to providing quality items to ensure every tool and product performs when needed.

Priced at $135.00 USD The Roadie can be purchased today here.