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Fishbone Offroad made its name building bumpers, skidplates, rock sliders, and other products for Jeep vehicles. They’ve taken that knowhow to build off-road rated bumpers, suspension components, steps and rock sliders, and other parts for GM, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota trucks.

Rockfish Bumpers for 2016-21 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 Pickup

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Rockfish Bumpers are fabricated from 1/8-inch steel plate with 1/4-inch steel reinforcements and have a durable textured black powdercoat finish. The Rockfish bumpers are compatible with all OEM sensors and have welded tabs on the inner side to retain factory wiring routing.

The Rockfish Front Winch Bumpers offer improved approach angles and more clearance for big tires. They have mounts for LED lights and 3/4-inch D-ring shackles.

Rockfish Rear Bumpers have two side steps for easy access to your truck bed or utility rack. They have two slots for 3 x 3-inch pod lights and mounts for 3/4-Inch D-ring shackles. Rockfish Rear Bumpers work with most two-inch hitches, can accommodate single or dual exhaust systems, and are compatible with the factory blind spot monitoring system.

Pelican Front Bumpers for 2009-23 Ford F-150

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Pelican Front Bumpers are fabricated from 3/16-inch cold-rolled steel with a textured black powdercoat finish. They can accommodate an LED light bar and have mesh accent screens. Pelican Front Bumpers are compatible with most factory lighting and sensors, and are available with a winch mount that can support winches rated up to 12,000 pounds.

Suspension Leveling Kits and Coil Spring Spacers

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Fishbone Offroad Suspension Leveling Kits are designed to level your truck front to rear, and provide 2 to 2.5 inches of front-end lift depending on the application. The kits are available for GM, Ford, Dodge/RAM, and Toyota trucks.

Coil Spring Spacers add 1 to 1.5 inches of front-end lift depending on the application. They’re made from durable polyurethane and are available for GM, Dodge/RAM, and Toyota trucks.

Tackle Rack Bed Racks

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Fishbone Offroad Tackle Racks can handle up to 500 pounds of tools, building materials, or camping gear. Made from 1/8-inch steel, the racks sit 12.5 inches high and have adjustable side rails with multiple holes to mount fuel cans, off-road jacks, and other gear. Tackle Racks can be bolted or clamped to the bed rails with the included brackets and stainless steel hardware. They’re available for GM, Ford, and Toyota pickups.

Summit Racing carries other Fishbone Offroad products including Steelhead Bumpers and Step Sliders for 2022-23 Ford Bronco, Chase Racks for Toyota, and Recovery Rear Bumpers for GM and Ford.


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