Taiga Motors Produces its 1,000th Off-Road EV

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Taiga Motors Corporation has reached a significant achievement with the production of its 1,000th electric vehicle (EV). This milestone was celebrated with the completion of an Orca Performance, a cutting-edge, fully electric personal watercraft that’s making a big splash in the industry.

taiga motors hits 1000 EVs

Raising the bar for EVs

The 1,000th vehicle built since the opening of the Montreal production facility in 2022 is testament to Taiga’s unwavering commitment to accelerating the electrification of the off-road industry. Taiga’s CEO and co-founder Sam Bruneau is thrilled with this manufacturing triumph, saying, “There is nothing easy about producing world-first electric vehicles at scale. I am very proud of our team’s perseverance to push through short term pain in building the foundational production system for meaningful long-term gains in leading the off-road EV transition.”

Orca Performance: a crowning achievement

taiga motors hits 1000 EVs

Taiga Motor’s passion for sustainable technology is evident in the recently launched Orca Performance, a fully electric personal watercraft that boasts industry-leading performance, silent operation and zero emissions. Orca Performance has been purpose-built to provide a thrilling on-water experience while being eco-friendly. With an electric motor that delivers instant torque and acceleration, Orca Performance is highly responsive and fun to ride. The watercraft is powered by a sealed lithium-ion battery that’s been optimized to deliver maximum power across its lifetime under high vibration and saltwater environments, providing up to two hours of riding.

Orca performance is a crowning achievement for Taiga, demonstrating what can be realized by pushing the boundaries of innovation. The Company’s success in producing its 1,000th unit is a significant milestone that will pave the way for the future of off-road EVs.

Nomad: a versatile sport-utility snowmobile

taiga motors hits 1000 EVs

Taiga has begun switching its manufacturing to its Nomad vehicle, the world’s first mass-produced 100% electric snowmobile that utilize the same modular powertrain as Taiga’s watercraft. Nomad is changing the game for commercial operations and ski resorts with its lower cost, quiet and emission-free operation. Just like Orca Performance, the Nomad platform has been optimized for more efficient manufacturability without compromise on high performance.

Technology at the heart of every Taiga vehicle

taiga motors hits 1000 EVs

Last week, Taiga launched its new Cloud Connected Mobile App bringing a rich set of new features to Nomad snowmobile and Orca Personal Watercraft owners, enhancing their ownership experience whether for work or recreational usage. With industry-first real-time vehicle localization, mode preference features, measurement system selections, and charging details, this new App makes the Taiga ownership experience better than ever.

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