Transfer Flow Filler Neck Kits are Now Available

Filler Up

As a leading choice among upfitters, Transfer Flow retrofit filler neck kits are synonymous with quality and precision. Tailored for a variety of vehicles including Ram, Dodge, Ford, and GM/Chevy pickups or cab chassis, these kits are the go-to solution for a pickup box delete, a utility body conversion, or gearing up a cab chassis work truck.

transfer flow filler neck kit

3 Reasons to Recommend Transfer Flow Filler Neck Kits

OEM Quality: Expect nothing short of superior quality with these retrofit kits, matching the robust and reliable standards of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.
Perfect Fit: Engineered specifically for a variety of vehicles, ensuring a seamless fit and hassle-free installation.
Comprehensive Kit: Each kit is shipped with everything needed for a smooth installation, accompanied by detailed instructions to offer guidance through the process.

Don’t miss the chance to grab these sought-after kits – nearly all models are in stock and ready to ship. Seize the moment and guarantee your Filler Neck Kit today.


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ABOUT Transfer Flow®

Transfer Flows story began in 1983 in the beautiful and historic town of Chico, California, when former General Motors engineer Bill Gaines, founded the company as an OEM fuel system supplier for the motorhome and travel trailer industry. TFI quickly expanded into the mobility, work body, and mainstream automotive industries, and by 1994 the company relocated to a 35,000 square-foot manufacturing facility as demand continued to grow. Six years later, a 20,000 square foot building was built on an adjacent 3-acre parcel, and finally in 2008, a 15,000 square-foot warehouse was also added.