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Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifolds have five-layer carbon fiber air plenums and glass-reinforced nylon polymer lower manifolds. This combination of materials delivers a ten pound weight savings, can handle 50 PSI of boost, and reduces heat soak.

Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifold summit racing equipment

Carbon pTR Intake Manifolds use replaceable modular velocity stacks. You can swap between 6.5-, 8-, and 9-inch long stacks to tune the engine’s power curve. If you want to make maximum power at high RPM, use the short runners. The long runners will improve mid-range torque, and mixing the runner lengths can help smooth out the torque curve. The manifolds come with long runners installed; the medium or short velocity stacks available separately

Other features include:
• Raised velocity stack entries
• Forward facing billet aluminum throttle flange accepts 102-105mm throttle bodies
• MAP sensor locations in the front and back
• Two 1/4-inch NPT ports for PCV, purge solenoids, or other accessories
• One 1/2-inch NPT port for brake booster or IAT
• Nitrous nozzle bosses on outboard and valley side of each runner
• Provisions to run three injector body lengths
• Manifold can be mounted reversed on the engine

Performance Design Carbon pTR Intake Manifolds are available for Chevy LS1/LS6, LS2, LS3/LS7, LT1/LT2, and other LS-series engines with cathedral or square port cylinder heads.

Summit Racing also carries these other Performance Design products:

Billet Fuel Rails

performance design Billet Fuel Rails summit racing equipment

You can forget about fuel rail fitment issues with your Carbon pTR Intake Manifold by using matching Performance Design Billet Fuel Rails. They are available in your choice of black or red anodized finish and come with stainless steel mounting hardware. The rails use commonly available -8 AN port inlet fittings, sold separately.

Carbon HR Intake Manifold Lids for Holley EFI Intake Manifolds

performance design Carbon HR Intake Manifold Lids for Holley EFI Intake Manifolds summit racing

Replace your heavy cast aluminum Holley EFI intake lid with a lightweight Carbon HR Intake Manifold Lid. Constructed from high-strength carbon fiber and bonded with high-temperature aerospace structural adhesive, a lid will knock three pounds off the top of your engine. Additional features include:

• Moves throttle opening up and rearward to improve flow into the plenum
• Allows reverse-mounting of the plenum for better engine compartment packaging
• Accepts 90-105mm throttle bodies
• Available with black or red anodized billet aluminum throttle body flanges

Performance Design Carbon HR Intake Manifold Lids fit Holley Hi-Ram, Mid-Ram, or Lo-Ram cast aluminum lower intake manifolds.


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